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Steaming Up




Beginning in the summer of 2013, a group of dedicated parents in the Sanford community came together every other week to provide fun and easy to do at home science experiments at the Sanford farmers’ Market. The goal was to gain community support and awareness for our venture in hopes that one day we would become a brick and mortar establishment. During the summer of 2013, we gathered numerous signatures from community members pledging to support our endeavor, we also had 150 members complete a survey further showing their support.

By the end of 2013, we not only had our bi-weekly farmers’ market events, we also participated in the Sanford School Departments Celebration of Learning, Sanford’s Fourth of July festivities, Harvest Daze, Ocean Discovery Days at University of New Hampshire, and Catholic Schools Week at St. Thomas School in Sanford.

For the summer of 2014 we are again at the Sanford Farmers’ Market every other week. New for this summer: Sanford Mainer’s baseball games! We have been invited to have a booth during pre-game through third inning during three home games. Stop by and see us!

DSC_0454                                                             1374195_404322649691007_958079993_n


Test driving a SeaPerch                                                                                                     Building Spaghetti Marshmallow towers


1240392_398948973561708_1609635770_n                                                              DSC_0167


Set up at University of New Hampshire’s                                                                                          Augmented Reality Sandbox at

Ocean Discovery Days                                                                                                                     Lafayette’s WOW program




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