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Science Double Header


Hello Science Friends!

Today is the day! Join us for a double header of science fun! We will first be popping-up at “A Step Back in Time” event in Gowen Park 9-2. Check out the event page on Facebook for more information:


So what STEAM discovery could we possibly be demonstrating at this wonderful event? We will be joining the 18 century and ditching our electronic devices. Say goodbye to the smartphone in your hand/pocket and hello to the first “telephone” the tin-can phone. Kids and adults alike will see how their voices travel across a wire connecting two cans and decide which of several different lengths offer the clearest communication.

Our second pop-up will be at the Sanford Mainer’s game against the Holyoke Blue Sox. Our booth will be set up between the boosters food truck and stairs to the stadium. Stop by to see our Augmented Reality Sandbox, our first major exhibit graciously granted and provided by the Sanford Kiwanis Club, New England Steel Fabricators, Union Falls Computers and Sanford Graphix. Work the sand into mountains and valleys and watch as the topography instantly changes before your eyes! Also, in the spirit of baseball- have a turn creating a painting using softballs and/or marbles!


We are excited to be a part of these two events and look forward to seeing lots of our science friends there. Stop by and see what a few dedicated parents can accomplish to help better our community.


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