Sanford Science and Discovery Center





Who are we:
A small core group of dedicated parents who have been working together for a few years to bring a museum of some type into Sanford. Our original dream was to open a brick and motor museum in one of the mills. While this continues to be our dream, we decided to break that dream down into more manageable steps. Starting approximately within the past year and half, we decided to start a “pop-up museum” bringing science and fun to where families currently are. Beginning last summer we were at the Sanford Farmers’ Market every other Saturday showing children and their families that science is fun, can be easy and inexpensive to try out at home. The activities provided at the farmers’ market are all ones that can easily be replicated at home with items most families already have in their pantry! Other events last summer: Fourth of July festivities, Harvest Daze, UNH Ocean Discovery Days.

This year, we have expanded to a few schools requesting our presence and joined St. Thomas for their Catholic School Week enrichment day and Lafayette’s WOW after school programs. We have also been invited for three Sanford Mainer’s games. Again this summer we will be at the farmers’ market every other week. Additionally, a few summer camp programs have expressed interest in having us be involved.

Where We Are Now:
We are actively recruiting more volunteers- as the word gets out on what we are trying to accomplish, more and more people/organizations are requesting us for their events. Check out our Volunteer page with ways to help out.

Moving forward with our own non-profit 501c3 status. Our paperwork has been reviewed by a lawyer at this moment. Upon delivering a check to cover the filing fee and a few signatures, our paperwork will be filed with the state of Maine!

We are in talks with a building owner about leasing out a space in Sanford to start a brick and mortar interim space for this fall. We are working on numbers- how much insurance would cost, security systems, etc. to determine if this would be feasible. You can help us by making a financial or other type of donation!

Local organizations have or will be granting us monies to create several different exhibits for our museum. The Kiwanis Club, along with area businesses such as New England Steel Fabricators, Union Falls Computers, and Sanford Graphix, have generously made it possible for us to have our Augmented Reality Sandbox.

Determining fundraising ideas and grants to apply for to start bringing in some money to offset some costs, as well as putting money aside for a rental space.